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Here, you can find the most common questions and answers related to iGRAD. If you could not find an answer to your question here, please contact us via  or visit us in our iGRAD-Office.

  • How many workshops do I have to attend in order to successfully complete the iGRAD Core Curriculum?
  • I’m a member of one of the affiliated doctoral programmes. Do I have to complete the iGRAD Core Curriculum in addition to the qualification programme run by my own doctoral programme?
  • I’m doing my PhD at the MNF but I’m not a member of either a graduate school or a structured doctoral degree programme. Am I still entitled to attend the iGRAD workshops?
  • I’m doing my doctoral research at the MNF but my research project is located at the UKD, FZJ, IUF, or DDZ, or a comparable institution. Am I still entitled to attend the iGRAD workshops?
  • Does iGRAD have a membership fee?
  • Who will cover the workshop costs?
  • What is the iGRAD Doctorate Transcript?
  • How do I receive my Doctorate Transcript?
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