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Basic Curriculum

iGRAD provides a Basic Curriculum for key professional qualifications for all doctoral researchers of the MNF. This Basic Curriculum is also integrated into the doctoral training programs offered by the graduate schools and research training programs affiliated with iGRAD.

The iGRAD Basic Curriculum comprises the following courses:


1. The seminar “Good Research Practice for Doctoral Researchers

2. One two-day* workshop from the field of competences 1


3. One two-day* workshop from the field of competences 2a or 2b


4. One two-day* workshop of choice from the entire iGRAD workshop program

We recommend attendance at the seminar “Good Research Practice for Doctoral Researchers” at an early stage of the doctoral studies. Please note that this is a mandatory seminar according to the doctoral degree regulations of the MNF.

A certificate is issued for each workshop attended. Upon completion of the Basic Curriculum and the doctoral examination, workshop attendance is documented for the benefit of future employers in an iGRAD Doctorate Transcript that lists all further qualifying activities (e.g. teaching, participation in conferences, etc.).

Please note that, with the exception of the seminar “Good Research Practice for Doctoral Researchers”, iGRAD membership is required for participation in the iGRAD workshop program. For information concerning membership, please go to iGRAD membership.

(*) One two-day workshop comprises 16 workunits (AE). 1 AE corresponds a workshop duration of 45 minutes including breaks.

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