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Specialist courses at the HHU

These pages provide information about specialist courses at the HHU.

Requirement for participation Previous knowledge is not necessary
Target Group Junior researchers (doctoral students, postdoctoral students, visiting scholars, junior professors of the HHU)
Aim of the course The aim of the course is to provide students with basic A1 level skills in listening and speaking Japanese as well as reading and writing the Japanese script.
Course content

Marugoto Nyuumon A1  Lessons 1-6 Books: 

  • Marugoto: Japanese language and culture. Starter A1 Katsudoo: Coursebook for communicative language activities  Verlag: Buske, H;  
  • Marugoto: Japanese language and culture. Starter A1 Rikai: Coursebook for communicative language competences  Verlag: Buske, H;  Please get both books before the course starts.
Instructor Miwa Sakai-Severin
Date Tuesdays, 5 pm to 6:30 pm, first date 13th April, 2021 (full)
Course duration 15 weeks
Type Online
Registration via email 

The Institute of Systems Neuroscience offers statistical consulting. This consultancy service is free of charge and primarily addressed to (doctoral) students at HHU starting their thesis or dissertation, but it is also open to other scientists at HHU and further institutions associated or cooperating with HHU.
Link to the Consultancy Service

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