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Career Planning in Business - How to shape your future


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26./27. Juli 2021 9:30-17:30 iGRAD Kursräume


Unser Kooperationspartner philGRAD bietet diesen Workshop in deutscher Sprache an. Informationen finden Sie hier: undefinedDie eigene Zukunft gestalten. Karriereplanung für Doktorand/innen und Postdocs

What are my unique abilities and interests critical in determining the right career path for me? Can I combine my ideas about a fulfilled life with a university career? How can I develop a strategy for embarking on an academic career path or other career choices?

This seminar helps to answer these – and other – questions for those who want to plan their career development strategically. It focuses on supporting young scientists and researchers. It offers them possibilities to reflect upon future university careers or alternative career choices. Based on their individual profiles, participants develop their own vision for their future personal and professional lives.


  • You reflect upon your professional career path and develop a well-orchestrated plan
  • You develop a biographically-based profile that highlights und evaluates your individual qualifications, skills and job visions
  • You explore different occupational alternatives: Career at university/research center or “outside”, e.g. in a company
  • You get information about formal and hidden requirements for careers at university (with special focus on Germany)
  • You share experiences and are encouraged by other scientists who are in a similar professional situation


  • Creating your profile of skills and qualifications, highlighting your strengths and accomplishments
  • Choosing your own criteria and values for work and life
  • Developing a vision for your own professional and private life
  • Review and evaluation of personal development goals
  • Detect your professional network
  • Identify your next steps


  • Individual work and team work Coaching
  • Visualizing methods
  • Presentations

Matthias Merkelbach, Impulsplus


Matthias Merkelbach

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