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Optimizing Writing Strategies for Publishing Research in English
-Online Course-


Zielgruppe: Promovierende und Postdocs
Sprache: Englisch
Workshopdauer: 2 Tage + Vor- und Nachbereitung
Anmeldung: Anmeldungen sind für alle Promovierenden und Postdocs der iGRAD und der angegliederten Kollegs möglich.
Für eine bindende Anmeldung senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an: iGRAD-Office

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Teilnehmerzahl: max. 12
Kompetenzbereich: Dieser Kurs ist dem Kompetenzbereich 1 zugeordnet:
Präsentieren - Kommunikation - Rhetorik

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Online-Tutorial/Group Work 9:00-10:30 & 14:00-15:30
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This course has been redesigned as an online literacy course based on a blended learning environment. On the two subsequent days originally scheduled for a workshop, our new setting will integrate guided individual work as well as discussion sessions that will bring us together in remote conference meetings using Zoom. (With course ID and password, participants can access the course directly through an internet browser without signing in to Zoom.)

Participants will receive individual guidance and trainer feedback during the drafting, revising and editing phases of writing an Introduction related to a research topic of their choice. The Introduction section is deemed one of the most challenging in manuscript production, because here the authors are expected to communicate the background, purpose and relevance of their research not only to specialists but also to related fields.

In this course, participants will draft, revise and edit a reader-focused Introduction section in line with the Writing Process Approach to enhance rational and time-saving drafting and editing strategies. Participants will equally deepen their understanding of journal requirements with regard to text genre by exploring structural and stylistic elements in self-selected model research articles. For those participants who wish to use this opportunity to create a model Introduction, joining the course will mean having invested quality time in future writing projects.

Course activities will include

  • Writing a 600-word Introduction (version 1) for trainer feedback
  • Selecting and submitting a published research article authored by a leading scientist
  • Analysing the scientific argument in model research articles (Individual work)
  • Developing content in Introduction (version 1) (Individual and group work)
  • Text genre (Individual and group work)
  • Exploring the organization of content in self-selected journal articles
  • Exploring the use of structural elements of style (i.e., signaling language)
  • Responding to trainer editing notes for Introduction (version 1)
  • Preparing to write, revise, and self-edit Introduction (version 2)
  • Evaluating course achievements and setting future goals
  • Submitting Introduction (version 2) for trainer feedback

Note for participants
Ahead of the workshop, participants will receive a “Call for texts” inviting them to submit a 600-word writing sample for trainer feedback via email. They will equally be asked to select and submit a published research article authored by a leading scientist in their field which will serve as model with regard to text genre. Furthermore, participants should be able to refer to relevant literature while revising their Introduction during the course.

Requirement concerning English language skills
To benefit from this workshop, participants should have achieved the English levels B2 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR self-assessment grid may be found here

Prof. Monique Dorang, PhD, Trainer and Consultant for Academic Writing and Publishing


Prof. Monique Dorang, PhD
Trainer and Consultant for Academic Writing and Publishing

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: E-Mail sendeniGRAD