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17./18. Juni 2021 9:30-17:30 Online

Working in science often involves the necessity to listen to and evaluate different positions. These negotiation processes cover all areas involved, scientific discourse as well as strategic decisions or (labor) contracts, to only name a few. Negotiation therefore involves skills form different fields and aims at agreeing on a beneficial, or at least mutually acceptable, compromise.

This workshop aims to identify potential negotiation situations in the participants fields of work and develop individual negotiation tactics. To enable us to do so fundamental basics of the skill sets involved will be introduced and applied in group and individual exercises.

The two day workshop will include the following topics:

When do we negotiate?
  Identifying negotiation setups in your individual situation and understanding the different roles involved
What do I want?
  Understanding basics of project management with special emphasis on setting and managing your goals
  Communication fundamentals and their effects during negotiations
How to argue?
  Introducing and trying out different argumentation tactics
What can we get out of it?
  Finding mutual beneficial agreements through understanding and supporting your negotiation partners via the Harvard principle
Ok, we agreed, what now?
  Pursuing and managing the realization of the agreement
My next steps!
  Developing your individual negotiation strategy and pick appropriate tools to identify and achieve your goals

Dr. Peter Schröder, brain4hire


Dr. Peter Schröder

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