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Good Research Practice for (Post)Doctoral Researchers

Zielgruppe Promovierende, Postdocs
Sprache Englisch
Dauer 2 x 1/2 Tag
Anzahl Teilnehmende max. 24
Art Online (bis mind. 12/2021)


Datum Status Uhrzeit Ort
July 01/02, 2021 voll 9:30-14:00 Zoom
November 15/16, 2021   9:30-14:00 Zoom

Themen/ Inhalte

This seminar is a fundamental introduction to the principles for safeguarding good scientific practice as proposed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It focuses on the perspectives of doctoral researchers by introducing and discussing the following topics:

  • Introduction to and definitions of Good Scientific Practice
  • Potential areas of conflict in research
  • Dishonest scientific practice, behaviour and possible consequences
  • Data preparation and documentation
  • Publishing, publications and scientific collaborations
  • Supervision and organisational culture
  • Research with human beings
  • Research with animals
  • Strategies to prevent and to deal with potential problems and conflicts

For further information see:
DFG Code of Conduct

Dr. Christian Dumpitak, Hochschuldidaktischer Trainer, iGRAD, HHU
Dr. Achim Heck, Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften, FZ Jülich
Dr. Debbie Radtke, Hochschuldidaktische Trainerin, iGRAD, HHU