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- All doctoral researchers who are qualified according to the admission requirements for doctoral studies of the MNF and who are pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Natural Sciences. Furthermore, at least one additional co-supervisor should be available to support the doctoral research project at the onset of iGRAD membership, at the latest. Finally, at least one of the research supervisors should be a member of iGRAD.

- All doctoral researchers belonging to a research training group whose membership in iGRAD has been approved by the board of directors. A list of current and former participating doctoral programs can be found here.

If you are undertaking doctoral research studies at the MNF, but your research project is located at the UKD, FZJ, IUF or DDZ or a comparable institution, please note that one of your research supervisors must be a full-time professor of the MNF.

iGRAD doctoral researchers commit themselves to completing the iGRAD Basic Curriculum. It consists of three workshops selected from the iGRAD workshop program plus the seminar “Good Scientific Practice for Doctoral Researchers”. Please click here for further information concerning the basic curriculum.

Should you be interested in our workshop program, but cannot complete our basic curriculum because your doctoral research is at an advanced stage, please nevertheless contact the iGRAD Office and enquire about whether participation is possible.

In addition to a broad selection of workshops on key professional qualifications, iGRAD provides counselling for its members concerning, for example, individual career planning and development. Furthermore, upon completion of the basic curriculum and the doctoral examination, all iGRAD doctoral researchers receive a personalized Doctorate Transcript. This transcript certifies iGRAD membership and documents key professional qualifications acquired through the workshops attended, for the benefit of future employers. It can also include further qualifying activities undertaken during the doctoral research phase, such as teaching, attendance at conferences, publications, and prizes.

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