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Member Programs

All coordinated research entities, e.g. collaborative research centres (SFBs) or graduate schools, which adress doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, can become institutional members of iGRAD. For its member programs, iGRAD provides central organization of training related to career relevant competences, with detailed consideration of the requirements of the specific program. In addition, iGRAD can also counsel and provide support for questions about quality standards, announcement and selection procedures, for instance. Structured doctoral degree programs can also receive assistance from iGRAD related to applying for support, developing qualification programs, and conceptualizing specific workshops.

Information about individual doctoral degree programs

If you would like to learn more about individual doctoral programs, their research fields,  or open positions/scholarships, please go to the information about current or previous programs:

Current Member Programs

Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences (CEPLAS)
CRC 974 - Kommunikation und Systemrelevanz bei Leberschädigung und Regeneration
CRC 1116 - Master Switches bei kardialer Ischämie
CRC 1208 - Identity and Dynamics of Membrane Systems - from Molecules to Cellular Functions
Düsseldorf School of Oncology (UTZ-DSO)
Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate Research (HITEC)
iBrain - Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Brain Research and Translational Neuroscience
IRTG 1525: The Dynamic response of Plants to a Changing Environment (iGRAD-PLANT)
IRTG 1902: Intra- and interorgan communication of the cardiovascular system
Manchot Graduate School Molecules of Infection (MOI II)
NRW-Fortschrittskolleg Online-Partizipation
RTG 2158: Natural products and natural product analogs against therapy-resistant tumors and microorganisms: new lead structures and modes of action
RTG 2240: Algebro-Geometric Methods in Algebra, Arithmetic and Topology
Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine


Previous Member Programs

CLIB: Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology
undefinedHomepage: CLIB-GC

CRC - TR 6: Physics of Colloidal Dispersions in External Fields
undefinedHomepage: CRC - TR 6

CRC - TR 18: Relativistic Laser Plasma Dynamics
undefinedHomepage: CRC - TR 18

CRC 590 - Inherent and Adaptive Differentiation Processes
undefinedHomepage: CRC 590

CRC 663 - Molecular Response to Electronic Excitation
undefinedHomepage: CRC 663

Evolutionary Networks: Organisms, Reactions, Molecules (E-Norm)
undefinedHomepage: E-Norm

Manchot Graduate School Molecules of Infection (MOI I)
undefinedHomepage: MOI I

NRW Research School BioStruct
undefinedHomepage: NRW Research School BioStruct

Physics of Complex Colloids: Equilibrium and Driven (ITN-COMPLOIDS)
undefinedHomepage: ITN-COMPLOIDS

The Research Training Group vivid: In vivo models for human metabolic diseases
undefinedHomepage: vivid

RTG 1033: Molecular Targets of Aging Process and Strategies for the Prevention of Aging
undefinedHomepage: RTG 1033

RTG 1203: Dynamics of hot plasmas
undefinedHomepage: RTG 1203

RTG 1427 - Food constituents as triggers of nuclear receptor-mediated intestinal signaling
undefinedHomepage: RTG 1427

Current Member Programs

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