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International (Doctoral) Researchers

Welcome at Heinrich Heine University (HHU).

Together with the other Heine Research Academies (HeRA), iGRAD offers a central information platform for all international researchers and their hosts at HHU on the websites of the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center (JUNO):

undefinedCentral information platform for international (doctoral) researchers"

Here, international (doctoral) researchers, their families, as well as their hosts at HHU can find information all around their research stay at HHU, e.g. doctoral studies at HHU, living and accommodations in Düsseldorf, or preparation prior to arrival.

Additionally, please feel free to contact the undefinedcontact person for international researchers at the JUNO Office, or, in the case of questions specifically concerning research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, our undefinediGRAD-Office.

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Junior Scientist and
International Researcher Center (JUNO)

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