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Time Management - Get More done with Less Effort


Audience:Doctoral Researchers and Postdocs
Duration:2 days

Registration is open for all doctoral and postdoctoral members of iGRAD and of the associated programs.
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Competence Area:This course is assigned to Competence Area 2a:


Date Time Location
April 23/24 & May 7/8 9:30-13:00 Zoom


Attendance courses

Date Time Location
September 02./03. full 9:30-17:00 iGRAD Rooms


This interactive workshop focuses on the individual and their success habits and shall provide tools, techniques and tips regarding personal time management, decision making, and communication. The workshop is directed to doctoral researchers in their first year, who will work in industry and anyone wishing to increase personal effectiveness, develop success habits, and develop a balanced and flowing work style. Those that think work‐life balance is for hippies or who have no interest in becoming more effective should not attend. A questionnaire for preparation will be handed out to all participants prior to the workshop.


  • Attitude towards time
  • Self‐Awareness tools
  • Balanced Planning and Flexibility
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Dealing with overload, regaining control
  • Practical techniques for organizing work
  • Working with People
  • Dealing with conflicting priorities, communicating needs
  • Work Life balance
  • Stress Management
  • Focus is Power
  • Slow down and Listen
  • Habits of top performers
  • Automate Everything
  • The art of stress‐free productivity

Topics / Content / Objectives

  • An understanding of Self‐ and Time Management
  • Gain practical decision making ability
  • Become aware of, and use tools and methods for setting priorities, handling procrastination and assertive communication
  • Cutting edge methods and systems to structure and fully live out the opportunities and tasks which are faced daily

Andrew Porteous, Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.


Andrew Porteous
Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.

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