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For iGRAD members: counselling for career planning, career development, and employment applications
In addition to the offers that are an integral part of its workshop program, iGRAD offers information and counselling related to many aspects of career planning, career development, and job applications to its postdoctoral members. These offers range from an evaluation (based on the “career anchor” concept) of individual needs and priorities related to career decision, through advice and tips for job applications, to planning advanced training that harmonizes with career targets (focussed competence development).

Confidential conflict counselling and continuing support for research supervisors
More or less serious conflicts with individual trainees surely represent one of the greatest challenges in the supervisory setting and their constructive resolution is not always immediately apparent.

iGRAD thus offers its members who are supervisors counselling and/or access to relevant services. The available options range from confidential counselling through neutral mediation to offers of coaching and team-building measures. These options can be realized either directly through iGRAD or with help from iGRAD that can either name an ombudsman or suggest external experts, depending on the specific circumstances.

Information and counselling about questions related to the doctorate: scholarships/stipends, international candidates, current recommendations for doctoral research, etc.
Would you like to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various options for financing a doctoral research project, or do you need specific information about the important features of financing a doctorate with scholarships/stipends? Are you looking for options for advertising your doctoral research positions online? Are you interested in an objective comparison of international applications? Would you like to have more concrete information about recommendations for supervising a doctorate, or do you need ideas for, or specific examples of, documents such as the “supervisory agreement” and/or “progress reports”?

iGRAD will be happy to inform and counsel you about all general questions related to a current doctoral research project.

Counselling for and realization of specific advanced training for iGRAD supervisors and their research groups
Are you interested in options for advanced training either for yourself or for your research group? The iGRAD office will be happy to counsel and support you comprehensively if you are looking for advanced professional training offers, information about training and the realization of advanced training events.

Counselling and support for applications to establish graduate schools or similar third-party financed programs (see below)
Are you planning to apply for permission to establish a graduate school or a comparable doctoral research programme? iGRAD counsels and supports all application processes that are relevant to the MNF.

For further information please look above (Offers for structured doctoral degree programs)

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