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During the course of a thesis project, a wide variety of questions and issues may emerge. Very often, it is not clear who would be the best person to contact for help. iGRAD represents the first point of contact for all questions related to on-going doctoral research projects at the MNF and offers a variety of services to doctoral researchers. In addition, iGRAD is networked with other departments and service centres at the HHU, so that researchers do not have to spend time looking for where the best help is available.

Counselling for prospective doctoral researchers
What do I need to be aware of if I am interested in getting a doctoral degree? What funding resources are available? Where can I apply for travel grants? What are the relevant insurance issues if I have been awarded a scholarship? What do I need if I come from abroad to do my thesis research in Düsseldorf? What do I have to know about foreign degrees if I intend to do my doctoral research at the MNF.

These are just some examples of questions that can arise before or during a doctoral project. iGRAD is available as the first point of contact at which the faculty’s doctoral researchers and potential PhD candidates can find answers. If iGRAD cannot provide the required information directly, it will use its intramural network and contact the appropriate departments and advisory centres at the HHU for prompt clarification or counselling. For iGRAD members: counselling for career planning, career development, and employment applications.

For iGRAD members: counselling for career planning, career development, and employment applications
Which criteria are important for me in the choice of my future career? Which career paths are compatible with these criteria? What do I need to know now, if I intend to follow an academic career? Which interdisciplinary skills/qualifications are required and by whom? How can I coordinate my strategy for advanced professional education with my career choice? Where can I find relevant job vacancies and how do I read the advertisements? Where can I find useful advice and tips about applying for a position? In addition to the offers that are an integral part of its workshop program, iGRAD offers information and counselling related to many aspects of career planning, career development, and job applications to its members who are doing their doctoral research. These offers range from an evaluation (based on the “career anchor” concept) of individual needs and priorities related to career decision, through advice and tips for job applications, to planning advanced training that harmonizes with career targets (focussed competence development).

Confidential conflict counselling for doctoral researchers
Working towards a doctoral degree involves, amongst other things, dealing with a wide variety of challenges. In the worst case, these can include conflict situations whose constructive resolution may not seem to be immediately possible. This is particularly true for conflicts between doctoral researchers and their supervisors. All doctoral researchers at the MNF can seek help from iGRAD for problems related to their thesis work. They will receive confidential conflict counselling and support in developing and implementing constructive solution strategies. If requested by all parties concerned, meetings with a neutral mediator can be offered and/or arranged.

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