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Promovierende und Postdocs, die schon erste Lehrerfahrung gesammelt haben oder in Kürze in die Lehre einsteigen werden




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07.11.19 - 08.11.19 09:30 - 17:30 Get into Teaching [voll/Warteliste] iGRAD Kursräume

This workshop adresses doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in university level teaching or will start teaching at a university (e.g. supervising lab courses, giving exercises, seminars or lectures) within the next time. Many questions may rise when teaching in a lecture hall, a seminar, exercises or lab courses for the very first time:
How can I get into teaching?
How to prepare myself and the lesson/course?
How do I want to be perceived by the students?
What are my and what are the students’ expectations?
How to design the lesson/course?
What typical and critical situations can arise?

By adressing these and other important questions the workshop will focus on the first steps towards an individual teaching profile and a learner-supportive preparation of lessons/courses.

Topics of the workshop:

  • Individual teaching style and role change
  • Self and time management for university level teachers
  • Conditions and cirumstances of university level teaching
  • Defining teaching and learning objectives
  • Structuring single lessons and complete courses
  • Selection of content and methods
  • Dealing with challenging teaching situations

Objectives of the workshop:
Participants will

  • define and explain their own teaching philosophy
  • get known to typical challenges of time management in teaching situations and develop strategies to adress them
  • define their teaching and learning objectives
  • select and apply techniques for the choosing and reducing of teaching topics and content
  • aligning didactical formats and methods according to teaching objectives and basic conditions
  • developing possible solutions vor critical teaching situations

Dagmar Schulte, Dipl.-Päd. and Trainer for Higher Educational Teaching
Dr. Christian Dumpitak, Trainer for Higher Educational Teaching, iGRAD, HHU


Dagmar Schulte
Dipl.-Päd. and Trainer for Higher Educational Teaching

Dr. Christian Dumpitak
Trainer for Higher Educational Teaching, iGRAD, HHU

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