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07.11.17 - 08.11.17 09:30 - 17:30 Work in Heterogeneous Teams for GRK 2158 iGRAD Kursräume
09.11.17 - 10.11.17 09:30 - 17:30 Work in Heterogeneous Teams for GRK 2158 iGRAD Kursräume

As scientists, we´re routinely working in highly diverse teams (language, nationality, gender, experience levels...). In other words, we work in a highly heterogeneous environment. In this workshop we´ll build up a toolbox of skills to be able to enjoy such a work environment and to be a productive part of it.


  • Introspection: participants will gain a clearer view of themselves and their work environment and will be able to clarify and communicate expectations.
  • Adaptive communication: participants will be able to adapt their communication to their colleagues with respect to gender-, intercultural- and personality-type differences.
  • One-on-one meetings: participants will be able to use their knowledge about communication to be a constructive part in effective conversations. Participants will be aware of how to use their language to prevent conflicts.
  • Negotiation: participants will be able to use the basic principles of negotiation in order to be an assertive yet respectful colleague and to prevent conflicts, resolve them and to negotiate their own standing within the research group.
  • Work structures: participants will be able to find their place within their research groups, understand the implicit and explicit power structures as well as the needs and responsibilities of the different stakeholders of their work.

Dr. Philipp Gramlich, NaturalScience.Careers

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