Our aims…

The career and social challenges that young scientists have to face are increasingly extending beyond the limits of simple academic training. Against this background, iGRAD is a strong advocate for the creation of optimal conditions for research and obtaining a doctoral degree. It supports an intensive supervision of doctoral researchers and, together with centres at the HHU, organizes a broad training programme for all career-relevant competences.

iGRAD offers its members:

For doctoral researchers:

  • During the doctoral phase: Training courses in key professional competences, including "presentations", "project management", or "professional teaching", are offered as part of the iGRAD Core Curriculum or within specific qualification programmes of the affiliated research networks that are institutional member of iGRAD.
  • Following a successful doctoral examination, iGRAD issues a transcript that documents two aspects of the doctoral studies for potential future employers: First, iGRAD membership and second, all training courses in transferable skills that were attended. On request, further qualifications obtained during the doctoral phase, such as university teaching, conference attendance and/or publications can also be included.
  • The iGRAD office is the primary help desk for any questions related to individual doctoral studies, transferable skills, matters relating to scholarships or any other specific questions that doctoral researchers may encounter during their studies.

For research supervisors and affiliated doctoral programmes

  • Platform for exchanging experiences and know-how related to the organization of doctoral supervision.
  • Support, useful advice and printed information about important issues in modern, structured doctoral education. Additionally, iGRAD will help to locate and establish appropriate contacts for further, more detailed information. iGRAD assistance ranges from advertising international doctoral positions, over details for international application procedures, through to standards for documents such as "educational agreements".
  • When applying for funding related to structured doctoral education programmes, such as collaborative research groups or graduate schools, supervisors and programme coordinators can receive advice and support from iGRAD regarding qualification programs and quality standards for modern, structured doctoral education.

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